Big Bins™

Our exclusive Big Bins™ will hydrate your crew more efficiently than any other method on the market. Proven to keep water at OSHA standards for 3+ days in extreme heat.
  • Best practice for providing cold, clean drinking water to workers at any area on your job site
  • 48”x43”x37”
  • Forklift compatible
  • Highly mobile
  • Rotational molded LDPE with R16 Insulation
  • Split lid for easy access and maximum refrigeration
  • Holds 1,000 8oz bottles or 500 16.9oz bottles
  • Ideal application for job sites, lunch tents, high traffic areas, near offices, etc.
Key advantages of utilizing Baytown Ice Big Bins™ versus standard water jugs:
  • Eliminates the potential for lost time as a result of manually lifting and positioning 10 gal. water coolers
  • No cancellation fees or rain out charges
  • Easiest placement due to forklift compatibility
  • Maximum sanitation
  • Easier offload and preparation for return process
  • Significant manpower reduction by eliminating the manual component of water jug distribution
  • Big Bins™ last longer than standard water coolers
  • Reduction in job site trash by eliminating paper cups
Baytown Ice Little Bin
Our smaller alternative to Big Bin provides our customers with the flexibility to further customize their hydration plan based on unique project requirements.
  • Ideal to fly in to elevated structures and on job site elevators as well as lower traffic areas
  • 43”x22”x33”
  • Forklift compatible
  • Highly mobile
  • Rotational molded LDPE with R16 Insulation
  • Proprietary hinge system to eliminate pinch points and hand injuries with a soft close mechanism
  • Holds 500 8oz bottles or 250 16.9oz bottles